External Eyelid Weights

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Lagophthalmos is the incomplete or defective closure of the eyelids. Eyelid closure and the blink reflex are essential for a healthy corneal surface, maintaining ocular surface lubrication and also as protection from a foreign body in the event of an injury.

External eyelid weights are a temporary solution for paralytic lagophthalmos that aim to restore functionality to the eyelid during the transitional rehabilitation period.


What to expect

An appointment with our dry eye specialist, Dr. Naddia Barrios will be scheduled in either Orlando or Kissimmee. A treatment plan will be discussed and the correct weight will be determined with a fitting set if eyelid weights are part of your treatment plan. 

If you are struggling with incomplete eyelid closure call our office to scheudle your appointment today, Orlando 407-843-2020 or  Kissimmee 407-847-2020.