About Ramirez & Poulos M.D.; P.A.

About Our Practice


Ramirez & Poulos, MD, PA, is an ophthalmology practice that has been serving the community of Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida, for over 50 years. The Ramirez & Poulos, MD, PA, team provides individualized ophthalmology services in a relaxed environment that fosters a strong doctor-patient relationship.

The practice was founded by Robert N. Serros, MD, following the untimely death of his partner, Dr. Carl McLemore, in 1966. Finding great success in Orlando, Dr. Serros expanded the practice to Kissimmee in Osceola County in 1967.

After more than 20 years of serving as one of the leading ophthalmologists in the state, Dr. Serros again decided to expand his practice, this time by bringing on Ricardo J. Ramirez, MD. The talented Dr. Ramirez brought with him the same dedication and innovation that Dr. Serros started his practice with and both offices continue to flourish.

In 1996, the doctors were fortunate to be joined by Margaret K. Poulos, MD, who along with her years of experience also added a new revitalizing energy and level of compassionate care to the team. After Dr. Serros’ retirement, the practice was renamed Ramirez & Poulos, MD, PA, and has since continued to serve the Florida community with unparalleled skill and understanding. Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Poulos were ranked in the top 100 ophthalmologists in the country by Newsweek in 2021 and 2022. In 2019, the doctors brought on Dr. Naddia Barrios,OD after a long search for the perfect physician to add to the practice.

To receive the best in knowledgeable and thoughtful care, call the office to book an appointment with Dr. Ramirez or Dr. Poulos today.