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Sports injuries, accidents, and the sudden appearance of floaters and flashes in the eye are some of the reasons you and your family might need emergency eye care. If you live in Kissimmee or Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding communities, the experienced physicians at Ramirez & Poulos, MD, PA, can promptly diagnose and treat eye conditions that require quick medical attention. If you have eye pain or unexplained vision changes, call our office today. 

Emergency Eye Care Q & A

What are the most common eye emergencies?

Common eye emergencies include:

  • Sudden appearance of floaters or flashes of light
  • Headaches with eye pressure
  • Sudden, unexplained vision loss
  • Blunt trauma to the eye
  • Chemical splashes into the eyes
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Eye pain and swelling
  • Sudden double vision

If you or a family member suddenly loses vision or your symptoms are accompanied by nausea, seek immediate medical attention. If you can still see but you experience an increasing number of floaters or flashes of light, contact the office of Ramirez & Poulos, MD, PA, in Kissimmee or Orlando so the doctors can accurately diagnose and treat your condition before it creates further complications.

What causes eye floaters?

Eye floaters are spots in your vision that often look like gray specks or strings that drift by in your field of vision. In most cases, age-related changes cause the appearance of floaters in your eyes. The vitreous, a jellylike substance in your eyes, partially liquefies as you get older.

When this happens, the vitreous pulls away from the interior surface of your eyeball and it shrinks. Some of it clumps together and becomes stringy, and casts shadows on your retina. You see these shadows as floaters.

If floaters appear suddenly, it could mean you have an infection or inflammation in the layers in the back of your eye. Floaters can also indicate bleeding in your eye or a torn retina. Left untreated, a retinal tear can lead to permanent vision loss, which is why it’s so important to seek emergency eye care if floaters suddenly appear one or both of your eyes.

What should I do if I have an eye emergency?

Contact the Kissimmee or Orlando office as soon as you experience an eye emergency. You can take several precautions until you can get to one of the Ramirez & Poulos, MD, PA, offices.

Foreign objects

If a foreign object is embedded in your eye, don’t attempt to remove it. That could cause further damage or allow eye fluids to leak out. Instead, hold a folded washcloth over your eye to protect it until you can get to the doctor’s office.

Cuts or puncture wounds

Don’t attempt to wash or flush your eyes if you have a laceration or puncture in or around your eye. Bandage cuts around your eye to help prevent infection. Avoid over-the-counter ointments and eyedrops.

Blunt trauma to your eye

Cover an injury such as a black eye with a cold compress, being careful not to apply pressure. Don’t rub your eye, so as to prevent additional damage.

Call the office for a prompt appointment to get the help you need.