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Modern cataract surgery comes with many choices beyond traditional surgery. One of the most common choices patients face once making the decision to have surgery is should they invest in Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, also known as "bladeless" cataract surgery. Some patients, depending on the health of their eyes, may even qualify for lens implants that leave them less dependent on glasses.

Here at Ramirez & Poulos M.D. PA; our experienced surgeons and staff are here to assist you along the way. While we still offer traditional cataract surgery, we also offer the latest technology and advancements to our patients as well. Our goal is to help you achieve quality of life by helping you take care of your vision, whether you have been diagnosed previously with cataracts or have symptoms of cataracts interfering with your vision we are here for you. 

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While our eyes all share the same basic anatomy, your eyes are unique when it comes to their size, depth, curvature, and other key features. Femtosecond lasers have helped surgeons perform LASIK for decades and now the technology brings advanced accuracy and reproducibility to cataract surgery. The Lensx Laser with ASCEND technology allows your surgeon to plan and perform a procedure that is completely customized for each of your eyes. 

A cataract is defined as any opacification of the eye's crystalline lens, and any of these changes that then lead to a degradation in the optical quality of the lens can cause visual symptoms. As there are a wide variety of cataract types, there is a large spectrum of visual symptoms associated with cataractous changes. If it is determined by you and your doctor during your comprehensive eye exam that cataract surgery is needed. You will meet with Melanie, our surgical coordinator, who will walk you through scheduling dates and arranging clearance from your primary care doctor. 

During your preoperative appointment, our experienced medical staff will gather measurements of your eyes that your surgeon will analyze before surgery to determine the lens power and final decisions before your surgery. 

During your procedure, laser technology creates three-dimensional imaging that helps your surgeon automate and execute the most challenging steps of traditional cataract surgery. 

This technology does come with an out-of-pocket cost that insurance does not cover above the cost of traditional cataract surgery. The cost of surgery will be discussed with you at your preoperative appointment. 

Cataract procedures are one of the most performed surgeries in the United States, with more than 4 million procedures taking place each year. And while cataract surgery is our expertise, we understand that this is a big decision for you to make for your precious eyes. Our experienced doctors and staff will be here for you each step of the way before and after your surgery, providing you with knowledgeable and compassionate care. 


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